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This page is updated to the server version RS5.2. Any information you find in this threat should be accurate with the mentioned server version. If you think something is wrong, please contact the Argonath Wikipedia staff.

This guide explains the scripted drugs in current SA-MP scripts.

Dealing drugs is an activity known to be an easy way to earn money because drugs can be resold to another player. Currently available scripted drugs are weed and heroin and meth, using which provides a variety of graphical effects on the user's screen. Law wise, usage, possession and production of all drugs is illegal.



There are a few steps a player needs to follow in order to obtain weed:

  • Purchase cannabis seed(s). Seeds can be purchased at Drug Market spots for $10 (by using /buyseeds <amount> when near a Drug Market spot) or from other players.
  • Find an available field. There's a number of fields with fertile land available all over San Andreas which players can use to grow weed on. Anyone can plant a weed plant (3 metters away from eachother) on the fields and as many plants as they want during any given time.
  • Note: Plants can be harvested by anyone and destroyed by cops. Make sure you protect your plants or you risk by losing your weed!
  • Planting and harvesting. You need a shovel to plant weed. Once on a field, by using /use cannabis seeds, a seed will be planted to grow the weed. For a plant to fully grow, it takes 2 hours. The plant will appear when it is ready to harvest. To harvest the weed, use the /harvestweed command. After 1 hour of being ripe, the plant will die and you will no longer be able to harvest it.
  • Weed Stages. After planting your seeds the weed will be set on stages, the first stage is the stage where it's a small plant under the land which will take around an hour and a half. to get stage two, once it's stage two the small plant will be grown and shown with an apperance of weed becoming green a bit tall and large, and the final and last stage it's stage 3, weed stage 3 will have the same appearence as the second stage but with one different thing which is a herb looking like corn with a brown color.
  • Note: At the start of the stage 2 the police enforcements are able to destroy your weed by passing through it with a combiner. Be carefull and protect your weed field well.

Here are pictures of how the weed plants look on different stages:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
How a weed plant on stage 1 looks like.
How a weed plant on stage 2 looks like.
How a weed plant on stage 3 looks like.


  • Find a heroin spot. There are around 30 spots for gathering heroin scattered around the map. At any given time, 10 are randomly active and so on. If a spot has been used recently, it will not be usable for another 10-15 minutes.
  • Ordering and gathering. By using /orderheroin on a spot, a package of heroin will be ordered; these packages cost $500 each. After the package has been delivered, a message about it arrival will appear and you will be able to gather it using /collectheroin.
  • Note: Heroin packages can be collected by any player, have precaution and be careful.


Unlike Weed and Heroin, Meth (Methamphetamine) has no specific spot to create, instead players can cook their own batches using a Journey (RV Truck) that is equipped with meth equipment and chemical ingredients.

  • Meth Produce. Cooking meth will require three ingredients as well as special cooking equipment that must be installed in your truck. These equipment and ingredients can be obtained with the Black Market or players.

The ingredients are; Pseudoephedrine, Lithium and Red Phosphorus and must be added in a specific order to complete the cooking batch. You will know when to add the next ingredient when white smoke starts appearing from your vehicle time to time untill you finish your batch.

  • Chemical Reactions. If the ingredients are added too quickly or in an incorrect order, they will cause a violent chemical reaction that will create an explosion destroying the meth equipment, your batch, and the vehicle!
  • Note: If your Journey explodes you will lose your meth equipment and to be able to produce meth again you need to install another one.
  • Finishing the Batch. Once the final ingredient is added and the cooking is done, you can collect your meth as soon as the white smoke appears. A batch of meth will generate from 30 to 110 grams of meth, and as with all drugs, can be used or sold.
  • Expecific Commands. /use meth equipment - Used to install meth equipment in your vehicle, must be in an Journey(RV Truck), this equipment can be purchased at the black market or by players. /producemeth - Used to begin the meth cooking process, must be in an Journey with meth equipment installed. /use lithium / red phosphorus - Used on this specific order to create meth, if added incorrectly will cause an explosion. /collectmeth - Used to collectmeth after a batch is done cooking.
  • Note: The pseudoephedrine is the ingredient used to /producemeth.

Drug Market

We have around 15 spots where criminal groups with recognized/oficial status can go to and sell the drugs to gain some money from it. However, the prices change depending on market needs. If there is too much meth, the prices will drop, and if there's not so much heroin the price will increase, same going for weed. Price is calculated on spawn. The command for the acess of the drugmarket is /selltomarket [weed/heroin/meth].

  • Note: Can only be used by criminal recognized/oficial groups members with lvl 70+ on the group rank.

Black Market

The Black Market is located in San Andreas, there are 2 spots. To access the black market you need to have a notorious level 9 or higher. The Black Market works much like the GTA IV Ammu-Nations. You need to walk up to an item and press a key ("Y") to buy it. Once you are close enough to the item, you will get a text describing the item, it's quantity, price and notorious gold required to purchase it. When purchasing, instead of getting the item you will get a case that you can open at any time, and depending on your notoriety level.

  • Notorious gold.To be able to buy anything from Black Market you firstly need to purchase notorious gold, to purchase notorious gold you need level 3 notoriety and the NPC who sells it is the Criminal Vendor, the command to buy the notorious gold coins is /buycoins [amount] and each coin costs 5,000$.

  • Dirty Money and Laundry. Dirty money is a designation of funds that are linked to criminal activity. This money is considered dirty due to it's connection and before use in legitimate business. Dirty money is obtained by various criminal activities, such as selling drugs to the Drug Market. Dirty Money must be first cleaned, before using. Right now there's only one laundry where you can clean your money.
  • Note: You need to use /cash when near the money laundry service to acess the menu. The laundry service cannot be hacked.

What are the locations of the Black Market, Notorious Gold Vendor, and the Dirty Money and Laundry?
In order to maintain the fun of being a criminal and the secrets of criminality, these information will not be disclosed to public. You must find about these locations by your own self. Interact with other players, gain their trust and then you may be able to find some information!