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This guide explains the usage of the GPS system in current SA-MP scripts.

The GPS system can be used to locate a specific location on the map using the two provided coordinates, or get coordinates of player's current location. There are two commands to be aware of when using the GPS system:

  • /gps - displays the player's GPS location
  • /gpstrack [x], [y] - shows distance and bearing from the set point

There are two axis X and Y axis. Where the two axis cross each other there is coordinates (0, 0) And from the sketch below you can see, that X value increases to the right and Y value increases to upwards. Also you should know that we count bearings clockwise, so North is 0 (and 360), East is 90 degrees, South 180 degrees and West is 270 degrees.

If someone gives you their coordinates, then you can already tell by looking by them on which of the 4 parts on the map they are on, and after you use /gpstrack, you get bearing. Remember when reading bearings North is 0, East is 90.