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This guide explains the scripted missions in current SA-MP scripts.

At this moment only firemen have missions. Descriptions of existing missions are available here.

  • In the firemen missions, your objectives are fire sources. To complete the mission, all fire sources have to be extinguished. To extinguish a fire source, one or more firemen need to spray at it directly with their fire extinguishers until the "fire intensity" is reduced to 0/100. This "fire source" is displayed above each fire source.
  • To extinguish fire sources, you must use your hand-held fire extinguisher. The fire sources explode every few seconds. To stop the explosions, you need to be brave and get close to the source. When you are close to it, it can't explode as you are attacking it. You can use the water cannon from the truck to extinguish the fire, however it does not do as much progress as the hand extinguisher.

How do I know when a mission is available?

  • When missions start, players near the sources will see the fires start. The fire stations' alarms will start, indicating that there is a fire at "X" location. In order to obtain exact location, you must head inside the Fire Department, towards the pager room, and use /pager. The marker will open, however will disappear once you leave the department, thus if you want it marked until you're arrived, mark it yourself using your game's marker by the map!
When a mission is online, you will be able to use /pager inside the department. If you do /pager and there is no response about fire, then there is no mission available.

When do I need to use the commands?

When a mission is available, you should use /pager inside the department. It is the only command available for you, the rest is done using your equipment and roleplay!

When I join a mission, what happens?

When coming on fireman duty, your weapons are stored and you're provided with Shovel, fire extinguisher which is fully stocked (10000 ammo). (If you run out of ammo you can use /weaponequip [ID] Extinguisher inside the fire department or near a Fire Department truck to equip more).

When doing /pager, you are shown a red marker on your radar and map, telling you where to go.

What happens if the time runs out?

If there has been a mission for a long time, and it was not handled by the firemen, the fire will automatically disappear, and the mission will end.

What happens if all objectives are completed?

You complete your mission. You are shown a chat message telling you how much money you have earned during the mission. You are given your money.

How much money can I earn?

The amount of money you earn depends on how much effort you put into the mission. However the maximum amount to earn is around 2,000$-3,000$ ARD.

Example: in fireman missions, the amount of money you earn is based on how many objectives you help to complete.

Where will the mission be located?

The mission location is picked at random from a list by the scripts, to the mission location is random, even if a manager or developer manually starts a mission.

When will missions start?

Every 10-15 minutes, an automatic system should start a mission by itself. If it fails to do this, a manager or developer can start a mission manually.

What happens if I die?

If you die while taking part in a mission, you will lose your duty equipment and your civilian weaponary.