SA-MP Property Naming Information

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The following guide is about naming properties in current SA-MP scripts.

Before naming your properties please ensure that you...

DO NOT name your business "H or /enter"
New players do not always realize they will have to pay the entry fee... and that becomes scamming!
DO Ensure that the viewable fee is what the fee is.
If you have set the fee to 1500, make sure that players can see 1500, not 15 or 150! Any locations found that breach these will get names adjusted, and owners may receive additional punishment depending on severity.

Property Naming Codes

These codes can be used to name your property using /name.

  • [r] = Red.
  • [g] = Green.
  • [b] = Blue.
  • [w] = White.
  • [y] = Yellow.
  • [p] = Purple.
  • [l] = Black.
  • @ = inverted exclamation mark.
  • { = question mark.
  • [n] = Makes a new line.
  • [h] = Highlights text.