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This page is updated to the server version RS5.2. Any information you find in this threat should be accurate with the mentioned server version. If you think something is wrong, please contact the Argonath Wikipedia staff.


Dice and Other Forms of Illicit Gambling


If you choose to play dice or any other similar game with another player you should keep in mind that you are playing dice in a Argonath casino with a random player who must pay you your winnings, as you need to pay him his winnings. Dice is officially approved by Argonath and Argonath will take responsibility for any losses you incur while engaged in this type of activity. Players who "scam" you by not paying you your winnings will be punished and forced to pay you. You and you alone are responsible for your money but in this case Argonath administration wil intervene in such matters. If you find yourself the victim of such a scam, you may ask a administrator or seek help of a helper, although this process can take a while to get your money back. If you're reading this and you think you can use advantage on new players who don't know this kind of scam method, is bannable so you can part them from their money using this method, for your own sake please think again. Argonath will protect new players from the people who don't respect the rules of Argonath and if you are found to have wilfully scammed a new player in any way you will be exiled to a far away place in the form of a ban and punishment. Be warned.

Scamming Illegal Items

It is your own fault, if someone steals your weed, meth or heroin, or weapons in an illegal deal. Growing weed is illegal, however it is advised that you are armed and ready to roleplay for any person who might steal your drugs. When it comes to weed or drugs stealing, the ones responsible are the grower/producer and the thief. You must not report for this, unless someone comes to a weed field, heroin or meth spot and kills you for no reason and no role-play involved. Submit a report only if deathmatching takes place. It is also not allowed to camp at weed and heroin fields and shoot anyone at sight. If by any chance a civilian/officer comes towards you when you are doing meth and you refuse to comply and roleplay with them they may, and must report you for refusing to comply. If a officer finds you cooking meth and if you refuse to comply to their orders they can shoot your van and set it on fire, and just a reminder the production of meth is illegal and you can get suspect for that, same going to weed and heroin.

Usage of /report

All players will know the /report function eventually, but there are some returning remarks and questions that seem to pop up.

I reported but admins did not punish / do nothing.
While we have many trustworthy players, false reports do happen. There for admins have instructions not to act unless they can confirm the report. It means that reports about DM, ramming and carjacking will not always be punished directly. At some times there are 30 players and 2 admins. That means admins have to make a choice in their work. In such times it is possible that they miss a report. Also admins can handle situations by talking to the reported player. In that case you might not see the punishment. Just because you do not see a result does not mean there was no reaction.
I reported 5 times and I get a punishment ???
If you report one incident 5 times, you are spamming admin chat.
I tell that sometimes report gets no reaction and I get kicked/warned???
More than half of the admin work is done on reports. If players see people complain that reports do not work, they might not use it when they should. If admins do not get reports, people will start complain admins are not active in handling situations. Admins are not psychic and can not see all players at the same time. If we allow complaints on reports not working, the result can be that rule breakers get a lot of chances, and the quality of the server goes down. We see it as our duty to protect the server from those who like to disturb it by complaining.

Mod Usage

In the unban request topics we find a number of people that have car mods installed, many of them use Alcis IMG Editor. Please note that it is allowed to use mods only on the condition that they do not change anything in the handling of SA-MP. Several mod installers has the ability to change the handling and properties of cars and other objects, but do not use these under any circumstances. Changed handling will look to other players as using cheats, and you will be banned for that, the ban will be justified and fair. If you use a modded SA-MP, be very sure that the mods influence appearance only and not anything else. When you doubt, remove the mods. If you want to use a modded SA-MP for single player, make a clean installation without mods to play normal.

Buying weapons from players

There are many situations where people hack weapons and sell them, and the people who buy those weapons get banned. If you choose to buy weapons from other people - that is fine. But if those people are hacking weapons and selling it and it is seen that you did not take any adequate safeguards to check if the person could possibly be hacking - then you will be held accountable for aiding and abetting a weapon hacker. Bans will be placed on such people, Be warned. Play safe and buy weapons from Ammu-Nation by yourself. If Others promise you cheap weapons, if you take the bait and buy it, you may be risking a lot of time in the unban section.