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Gregersen is a veteran player, who joined 3rd of January 2009. Thus of joining 3rd of January, he didn't create a forum account before May 2009.

Gregersen is a player, known from being the Derby host of the Official Argonath Destruction Derby, aswell as becomming a SA:MP Moderator in April 2012, and for having the unique phone number 500 on the SA:MP server.

Current username:


Former nicknames of Gregersen;









Clan legend

Cems - a roleplaying clan, lead by Dwight_Cems, ScorpZ_Cems and Xterm_Cems.

Cuneo - a roleplaying group, lead by VeLuX_Cuneo, with Gregersen and a few other persons

[Gstar] - a roleplaying group, lead by [Gstar]Xterm and a few other persons.

[WS] - White Shadows Clan, ran by [WS]Hyper (a great guy!).. Gregersen was a SA:MP member, later promoted to SA:MP Council.

[CS] - also known as [SACS], a ARPD division. San Andreas County Services

[MA] - Masters of Argonath clan, ran by [MA]FlameMan, with Gregersen as Members Manager.

Gregersen was also invited to join [RI], known as "Rage Incorporated" ran by Frank Hawk - he did though, say no to the offer.

Forum username(s)

ArgonathRPG forums: Gregersen

ArgonathRPG Police Department forums: Gregersen

White Shadows forums: Gregersen

ArgonathRPG Destruction Derby forums: Gregersen

ARPD Career

Been in ARPD two times, both only serving as officer - though, with undercover rights a lot of the time.

Beta tester

Gregersen was also a beta tester for the Rockstars RPG 4.1 scripts.

Ban history

September 18th, 2009: Gstar Gregersen, banned for Deathmatching (TEMPBAN) - Tempban 60 minutes

July 5th, 2009: Gregersen_Cuneo, banned for Script abusing - unbanned