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Phildeman101 first joined the server on 2nd March 2011. He was totally new to SA:MP and Argonath was the first server he'd joined. Phildeman101 is known as Steven_J in SA:MP RPG and Steven_J in SA:MP Stunt.

Past Clans / Groups

San Andreas Police Department (SAPD)

In 2011, he became a cadet on the 28th March 2011. He was promoted 3 weeks later to officer. Approximately 3 months later, he was promoted to Senior officer.

Along side of Senior Officer, he pursued an interest in teaching the SAPD Cadets. He was accepted into the SAPD Academy as an instructor. Before long, he was promoted to an examiner.

After a while of putting a lot of work into the Academy, he got promoted to Academy Manager. Before long, the Deputy Chief and Chief of Police decided to promote him to Academy Chief.

He also resigned from SAPD but resignation got rejected and returned to Academy Manager January 2012. He also got promoted to Sergeant.

3 months after this during the San Fierro Police Department's ceremony, he got promoted into SAPD Lieutenant (global command). Then towards the end of June, he resigned from SAPD and no longer remains to the group.


Jedi clan was founded by TinMan and Leroy Hudson. He was invited into the clan by another member. During this time, Leroy had been accepted into Rockstars clan and he was put as Secondary clan leader next to TinMan. Due to persistent inactivity by members, he closed the clan.


He was apart of the Masters of Argonath Clan.

The Blaze Family

He was invited into The Blaze Family after being recommended by a former SAPD member who was also apart of The Blaze Family. He started off as a Soldier and went up to Caporegime in the family. He left this family for personal reasons.

Kolta Family

He was invited into the Kolta family, which closed.

Corleone Family

He applied to join the Corleone family. After a while, he withdrew his application because he got invited into The Blaze Family.

Current Roles


Is FBI Agent

SA:MP Stunt

On Argonath SA:MP Stunt, he is Development Manager. This means ensuring scripts, maps and all other development processes are up to date by the development team.


He is a developer for Liberty Unleashed. He is also an LCPD Officer.


On IV:MP, he plays as an ARPD officer of Liberty City.