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Hey I'm a new editor around these parts. I'm responsible for minor edits regarding other parts of the wiki which aren't frequently updated due to inactivity or no one wanting to edit them. Such as VC:MP, SAMP Stunt, LU and etc. I don't handle SAMP RPG stuff. That's not my place. :)

Good day


PulseEffect joined the the VC:MP Community on 2/4/12. Already interested in a VCPD Career he immediately applied and became one of the most professionalist applicants already recieving several good comments on his application.

On the 28 of April 2012, PulseEffect was offically promoted to an Officer. Already establishing himself confidently in the ranks of the VCPD, he would also become the State's first State Trooper.

After a few months in the job. Pulse started the use of Argonath's Teamspeak 3 server and would become good friends with Janek. After getting banned from VC:MP, Pulse roamed around the servers eventually started playing SA:MP Stunt.

Pulse would start playing on RPG after much Stunting was done and soon would become a Teamspeak Moderator on November the 16th. Pulse then was accepted into the Stunt Moderator Team during December. However a dark time came around in February, PulseEffect found out that he did not successfully pass the TS Moderator trial and was fired.

Argonath RPG Roles

Argonath Adminstration

  • Stunt Moderator
  • Former Teamspeak Moderator(2012-2013)

Argonath RPG Police Department:

VC:MP Division:

  • VCPD Officer


  • White Shadows VC:MP Member
  • White Shadows SA:MP Member