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SeanC is a veteran player of Argonath RPG, who is currently an SA:MP Admin, White Shadows Clan Council and 58th Street Conecta Jefe. SeanC first joined Argonath RPG in October 10th, 2008 in the SA:MP server. He have also played in the other servers of the community such as MTA:SA, VC:MP, MTA:VC and LFS. SeanC has been apart of various groups such as The Corleone Mafia, The Ancelotti Empire, The Stracci Family, Armed Limo Service, Grove Street Families and 58th Street Conecta. He have also led his own group in the past which was known as Orange Grove Families, he was also apart of the San Andreas Police Department a few times.

Beginning Argonath RPG, Hacker, Grove Street Families and Armed Limo Service (2008)

SeanC began his time in Argonath RPG as a hacker. On his first day of playing in the SA:MP server, he was banned by admin Lavamike for teleport hacking. He was later unbanned after appealing it. A week after his unban, he was once again banned, this time by admin Daxx for money hacking. He was still unbanned at the end of his unban request. After those two bans, he then played clean in the server for about a month before he got banned again by admin Pups. As his punishment, he was unbanned a month after his third unban request.

During his first month in the server, he was known as a hacker but he was a member of Grove Street Families in which he first met people from the community, this includes players such as Onyx, KidPH and MrNeo. SeanC learnt a lot about the server from these players, having most of them helping him with it, he had no problem understanding the server fully. He remained a Grove Street Families member until his third ban, as he was unbanned the group was closed down.

Even though Grove Street Families has gone, he applied for Armed Limo Service. A very known group in the community at that time, led by a few veterans. He was first introduced to Armed Limo Service by a player named Ryan who is now known as Caltson, whom he met in MSN messenger during his 1 month punishment. Today, Ryan is one of SeanC's very best friend in the community. His application to Armed Limo Service was accepted and he began his trial period as an apprentice which he passed and later became an officer. SeanC journey in Armed Limo Service was pretty long as he continue to go through the ranks such as ALS Global Moderator, ALS Admin, Board of Directors and trial Webmaster.

SeanC also began his SAPD career in December 2008, he applied for the department was accepted a cadet where he served as one for the next 4 months before becoming an Officer in May 2009. He was also apart of an unofficial division known as the San Andreas Backup Department.

He also won the Nobel award for best physics.

Argonath Regular and various groups (2009)

In 2009, SeanC has became a regular player of the Argonath RPG community. He has also became an important person within Armed Limo Service as he hold an important position, being a person with responsibilities for the first time in the community. SeanC has met a lot more new people during his time with the ALS and he had a lot of great fun with the group until it was closed down by May-June 2009 due to leadership difficulty.

Before ALS was closed down, SeanC had his own group open, known as the Orange Grove Families which he led together with most of the people that he met in his time in Grove Street Families. The group was pretty successful but he closed it down after a short period of time. As ALS was shut down, he then had no group or clan. He made his next step in the community as he joined the Corleone Mafia as Sean Corleone. He was accepted as a trial mobster and he passed his trial period to become a street mobster. He was involved in a lot of crime role-plays in his time there and he also got the chance to meet new people.

He apparently left the Corleone Mafia after a few months, joining Julian in a few of role-playing groups that he opened. He also then applied for the White Shadows clan and was accepted for the first time. He left the clan after a 1 month time to join in other groups.

58th Street Conecta, The Corleone Mafia and The Ancelotti Empire (2010)

In the beginning of 2010, a new role-playing group consist of the Argonath veteran was opened. The group that was known as 58th Street Conecta, led by Julian and Que. SeanC joined the group as Frank Mendoza and became the co-leader at the rank of Vato del Jefe. The group was up and running for a few months, having the best role-plays to offer everyday but ended up closed after a few months. After the closing of 58th Street Conecta, he rejoined the Corleone Mafia. He stayed for a longer time with the group and became the Caporegime.

SeanC left the Corleone Mafia after a while and then remain without a group. After a bit, he joined the Ancelotti Empire as Sunny Ancelotti, being recruited by its Caporegime at that time, Jenn. He quickly made his way up to Caporegime, being promoted by the Don, Romeo. SeanC starts his own regime or crew, a system that was supposed to be worked on in the group but has never been worked on. His regime consists of himself as the boss, Sarah as his right hand, Kargos and Josh as his trusted men and a few other soldiers. His crew was successful, with the power he had, he made good changes for the group. The regime could of been easily spotted in the main headquarters or in the family bistro in Los Santos.

Before 2011 begin, SeanC left the Ancelotti Empire to rejoin the 58th Street Conecta, this time as the leader or Jefe with Que.

South Side Conecta, White Shadows, San Andreas Police Department and SA:MP Moderator (2011)

SeanC and Que as the leaders changed 58th Street Conecta to South Side Conecta. Before the group was based in East Los Santos, with the change made, it was then based on El Corona. The run was more successful than the previous run, more people joined the group as well. This lasted for 3 months as most of the members begin to believe the expansion of the group to the IV:MP division instead.

SeanC then re-applied for the White Shadows clan. His application was accepted after a long period of discussion within the membership and a meeting with the leadership. At the same time, he re-applied for San Andreas Police Department and his application was accepted later on for him to become a Cadet once again.

He continued his SAPD journey, becoming an Officer and Senior Officer later on, working in the San Fierro Police Department under the leadership of Captain Jimmy Bowling and Lieutenant Trane Kiedis. He later requested a transfer request to Dilimore Police Department. The transfer request was accepted and he began to work for the department under the leadership of newly assigned Lieutenant, Paul. He continue to work on the department, organizing patrols and training, making a lot of fun for the department members and applicants. SeanC was later promoted to Sergeant.

As a Sergeant in DPD, he became the leader of the undercover division as well as the patrol division. He was also invited into the SWAT team. He resumed his work at the same rate he did as a Senior Officer before requesting a transfer back to San Fierro Police Department which was also approved, only this time he was under the leadership of Captain Jimmy Bowling and Lieutenant iMarkz. He left the SAPD to return to 58th Street Conecta in October.

58th Street Conecta is now reopened, SeanC was once again the leader together with Que. The group was much more active and had a better attraction, resulting in having a lot of people attempting to join in. Even though the group was more successful and active than before, it ended up closing down and SeanC returned to SAPD in December.

In October of the same year, it was announced by community leader Kojak that SeanC has been picked by the HQ to become a moderator for the SA:MP server. SeanC had also become a clan council for the White Shadows clan in September to become apart of the new formed leadership of Fuzzy as the leader, Paco as the co-leader and himself as the clan council.

SA:MP Admin, Property Admin and SAPD Captain (2012)

SeanC continued to work as a moderator until January, 2012 where he was promoted to admin, passing his period as a moderator. At the same time, he had also become a Sergeant once again within the SAPD, working in DPD and later on Argonath County Sheriff, also known as ACS. He then transferred to Las Venturas Police Department to work under the leadership of Captain Plam Knight.

He also become a property admin, making a step in his admin position. Though, he resigned from the position after a month as he had difficulty fulfilling the duty. SeanC then became a Lieutenant in LVPD and the Chief Inspector of San Andreas Undercover Division, promoted by ARPD Commissioner Jaaskaa. He was also invited into SWAT as Operative.

Three weeks after his promotion, he was then again promoted, this time to Captain to take the leadership in San Fierro Police Department. He begin his journey as a Captain which lasted for 3 months. As a Captain, he had two Lieutenants he assigned to help him, first one was Daniel Bradford and the second was Dolfa Kiedis. SeanC was removed from the SAPD in July. By August, he was reinstated as a Senior Officer and fell under LVPD.

58th Street Conecta (2013 - present)

SeanC was removed from the SA:MP Admin team in the beginning of 2013 due to inactivity as he was inactive for 6 months in total, returning to the community in late of May. He resumed his work in SAPD, being an Officer and applied for SWAT and HSP in which he got accepted into both. He was also reinstated into the admin team and later dropped activity for SAPD, reopening 58th Street Conecta with Que.

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