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RP Name: Theodore Rosso (formerly Theodore Rogers)


  • White Shadows (Clan Council)
  • The Rosso family (Founder)
  • SA:MP F.B.I (Charlie Division Chief, Temp. Bravo Division Chief, Internal Affairs)

Non-RP Positions

  • TeamSpeak 3 Manager
  • SA:MP Scripter and Administrator
  • LU Scripter
  • Argonath Network Lead Developer (Coming Soon!)


  • [WS]MrTeddy
  • [WS]Teddy_Rosso
  • [WS]Mojito

Other (related)

  • Web Developer (Status domain, ArgonathRPG for Google Chrome, Argonath Network)
  • Software Developer (Argonath Status Monitor, Argonath Packages Installer, SA:MP Chatlog Snippet Tool)