San Andreas Driving School

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Closed Group

This clan / group is no longer active on Argonath RPG.


Being a good driver goes beyond knowing the laws and having a drivers license. San Andreas Driving School is a small school, but with the personal attention and clear way of teaching, we help not only the best students, but also students who need more time to feel comfortable and confident in traffic. Through time, we were trusted by hundreds of students who needed a driving license and became the most active and prestigious driving school in Argonath.

SADS offers players the opportunity to take a driving theory test and then an exam - in order to gain their driving license. This is needed if a player wishes to purchase a car and most organisations require a job applicant to obtain both a passport and driving license.

Getting a license

In order for a player to register for a theory exam they must first get a passport from a member of the Citizenship and Migration Board (CMB). Only then are they able to apply for a theory session with an SADS employee. Once their application for a lesson is posted they may contact a member of the SADS for their lesson.


San Andreas Driving School is rapidly growing and is always open for applications. Applicants should have a good understanding of English language, have been on the Argonath SA-MP server for a month or more and have both a passport and driving license themselves.

Rank Structure

  • Trial - Trial members are simply members in training. They don't have access to the commands and do not give out lessons. Their only responsibility is to study for the test that is given to them by the managers and above, after which they become full members of the company.
  • Teacher - Teachers have only a few responsibilities, and that is to give lessons to the students and help the trial members with their activities and give them instructions and demonstrations of activities they will be exposed to if they join the school.
  • Examiner - The responsibilities of examiners are to give exams to students, but they also have the responsibilities of full-time teachers, meaning they can give lessons as well. This rank is the most often so that the staff member can operate by himself and provide a full driving course.
  • Manager - Managers are in charge of managing talent within the school. Their key responsibilities include interviewing applicants and promoting them from trial to full-time teachers. Their primary role, however, is giving exams and lessons to students.
  • Director - The leadership is a technical rank for staff members who are in charge of technical, financial, commercial and other aspects of the school. Another role of the members of the leadership board is deciding on promotions of members to examiners and learning officers.