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Citizens of Liberty is the Official Passport issuing Authority in Liberty City. This organization has been founded in order to provide a more citizen-friendly experience and give more and easily accessible information and guides.

Becoming a Citizen of Liberty City opens you a wide range or opportunities.

You will be able to apply for jobs that require a passport (LCPD, FBI, N.O.O.S.E. and other private organizations), apply for a driving license, essential in order to buy and drive owned vehicles, buy properties (houses and businesses) and obtain a passport and full citizen rights.

To become a citizen of Liberty City:

  • Apply for COL in forums topic (links has given below).
  • Contact a COL member if your application has been noted.

Staff List


  • Joey


  • -


  • Bert


  • Jay Gatsby
  • StevenS
  • Dread LaRocca
  • CarlosKolta



Useful Links

Argonath Forums Topic

IV:MP Groups and Organizations
Government: Liberty City Government, Citizens of Liberty, Second Street Driving School
Law Enforcement: Liberty City Police Department, N.O.O.S.E., Federal Bureau of Investigation
Emergency Services: Liberty City Emergency Medical Services, Liberty City Fire Department
Other: Rock Stars Clan, The Crimson Legacy