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About the Rock Stars Clan

[Rock Stars*] has started from -Mightiest Swedes- (-MS-), the first clan, who suggested to open RPG server in MTA. The first name of [Rock Stars*] was =Mightiest Swedes=.

=Mightiest Swedes= was founded by the co-leader -MS-Servius, and this clan was opened not only for Swedish players. =Mightiest Swedes= is the first roleplay MTA clan. "For two years this clan was working on ab. But then ab made the new admins that were not from =MS=clan. Without organization in the admin staff, almost all =MS= members left AB". =Mightiest Swedes= has recently changed the name from =Mightiest Swedes= to =MTA Stars= as the clan was no longer Swedish but international. This was approved by the leader at the time Tekken, co-leaders Ron and Agent.

Summer 2006 =Mightiest Swedes=clan, as the best RPG clan was invited to rule the new RPG server: Argonath RPG. September, 11, 2006 =MTA Stars=clan removed the leader's rights from =MS=Tekken and set the new clan leader: =MS=Ronnel. =MS=Tekken resigned from the =MS=clan officially. March, 03, 2007 =MTA Stars=clan changed the meaning and tags on [Rock Stars*] by the total majority of all active members' votes.

[Rock Stars*] is an elite clan, that is accepting only applications of players with the high standard roleplaying. [Rock Stars*] is famous for its legendary roleplayers, movie makers, scripters and admins. [Rock Stars*] is the main leading part of Argonath RPG.

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