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Argonath RPG Member

Pancher, in the Argonath RPG community, is an SA-MP Managers and an TeamSpeak Manager.

Pancher is also a member of the Rock Stars Clan, which is mostly composed of Argonath Administration members.


Sub Title

Cop History

On April 24, 2007, Pancher made his first application to the San Andreas Police Department. He got accepted after a half month and his career started under the command of old chief of the San Andreas Police Department, Chief Luka. The time was strict and the discipline was high of the members of the Police Department. San Andreas Department was split into 4 districts, Los Santos, Las Venturas, Dilimore and San Fierro which confused many officers at the time with the border control.

After hard work Pancher slowly worked his way up to Senior Officer, Sergeant, Captain, Deputy Chief and till end where he is today, Chief of Police along with Chief CBFasi who been serving the law-enforcement for a long time with many awards on his chest!

By the date of 30/6-2012 Pancher did step down as Chief after years of serving the force as it's longest leading Chief in the Argonath RPG Police Department's history.