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Hi, My name is Tovenaarke. No, thats not my real name, but my character in nearly every game I play. In fact, my real name is Merlijn. Not a frequently known name, but you can translate it as 'Merlin'. And yes, that is also the name of the famous wizzard. I'm born in Ghent, Belgium. My hobbies are playing SA:MP (what else), hang out with friends, doing non-proffesional sports like basketball, running, squash. I have also interests in music. Playing piano (10years classic), cello (5years classic) and others (never took lessons) ...

I'm working as a logistic responsible in a international compagny for restaurants, hotels and co.

I have a girlfriend, whom I live with since a couple of years.

Other things I do is helping my siter and with the horses. I provided them an internetsite (and forum), and helped them by making bigger events. I've helped her friend by making his own website for his own compagny.

Feel free to ask... because they are free.


Tovenaarke is an adult (around 30years) in Argonath RPG. He has a nice reputation of politeness, friendly and patient. His main job is the duty work: Being a cop. His hard work and good intentions brought his many times higher up. Due reorganisations, he felt down back to basic.

He had also a second job: CMB administrator. He helped new civilians to get through the wilderness of corruption, robberies and drugdeals. He is trying to get them started with a fresh and blank passport. A new start is always welcome. But due time, this job has ben classifide.

One of his older jobs was also the helper of driver licenses in AVDS.

He has also many other jobs like 'I have a question'-man. The big event maker, the 'i-love-to-use-a-taxi-man', and so on.

Tovenaarke has also a big business to run: Pig Pen. Also know as the biggest nude strip tent. He hires a lot of dancers, barkeepers and security personnel. Whitch is good for everyone: Income for the business, income for the employees and income for the state.


Tovenaarke is also one of the many admins around Argonath. As always he started to make an application, which he thought he would never been 'in' the team. But yes, a long time ago (I can't even remember when) the not-so-big-admin team invited him as trial, also know as moderator.

It seems that Tovenaarke did a great job, because the team was happy about him, so he grow up smootly...

In the past he was a level 4 admin, also known as propertyadmins or houseadmins.

Due new names (and no 'levels'), his job is now regular admin for a couple of years.

Will he grow up in the future? Who knows...


As said before, Tovenaarke is a friendly cop... He is almost 24/7 on duty, to make the streets safe and clean. He started as many of us, as a normal free cop. Soon he thought his time has come to grow up, and made an apply for the biggest, legal cop group: The Argonath Police Department.

After some months, and after promotions to senior officer (one of the first), he has been invited to the S.W.A.T. team from the ARPD. A heavy, well trained group of elite force, to handle the biggest crimes in Argonath. Many trainings has been done, many situations has been passed. And you will know it: if the S.W.A.T. team is around, be sure you'll get busted, in any case. Now he is a CAT4 operative, means he is only need as back-up. Months has been past, inactivity grows, so his duty on the S.W.A.T. team is over. He always will look back with a positive note, as he learned there a lot of technical technics and weapon use.

After some more promotions to Sergeant (Tovenaarke was one of the first) and Lieutenant, he felt he could handle some more delicated stuff, and lower the 'agressive' actions. He became a special analyst for the ARPD, who investigate big troubles inside and outside the ARPD.

And yet again, after a months of hard work (even years), the officer became inactive. And yet again, he felt slowly down, back to basic. But leaving the ARPD is never been a choise...

There were a lot of movings inside the ARPD, from the first day Tovenaarke came in. He has been working with the best chiefs you can ever imagine: Lucas_Scalise, Hank_Rafferty, Nicholas_Angel, CBFASI, Pancher, and many more...

His time to retire? Not today!

First Day

Tovenaarke's first day on Argonath RPG wasn't realy special. He asked many times the admins how to do this or that, because 'RPG' was his first game in the SA:MP world. He never heard about RP. The thing that matters was money. All kind of income were welcome. To bad, healing without asking, was one of the small mistakes Tovenaarke has made. But he learned fast, and after his warning, he knew what to do...

That day has opened his eyes on the RP planet, and after some months he can say: Argonath is one of the best!

He has never played another (RP) server, so for him, He'll stay at Argonath untill they knock him out!


Many clans and roleplay groups has been around in Argonath. Not all are great, but many of them tries to be unique.

My first 'try' in clans and groups, was TCL. Not the one who is there now, but an older group of criminals, who loves to hang around. I've been in for maximum 1 week, because of the illegality of the group. I was going to join the police force, how could I possible be in a group who kidnap, robbers and dealing drugs... We had fun: played together, helped eachother in difficult times... But it was nothing for me...

My second clan was WS: The White Shadows clan. I must admit: I didn't liked my invition. I was not the one who loved to be in clans and tries to help everytime the same person for the same reason... BUT, my toughts were turning after the second day: A warm welcome, kind players, all kind of jobs, ... just the clan for me. After one year, I'm still in the same clan.

I've been promoted several times, from Clan council to co-leader. I refused to be leader, because I thought there were some other beeing better, than I could do. The clan founder is Hyper and the leader is Brokman, who does a wonderfull job. I've gained the full trust of Hyper to have an importent job: Webhelper of the WS and right hand of Brokman. Thos means alot more to me, than a name inside the WS.

Respected People

Many hours I've spent online. Many players returned after some time, many players left for good... But also many players will be remember as one of the biggest RP'ers. This list is endless, and will grow each day a bit, but these are the players I've met and the ones who will never been forgotten:

  • Lucas Scalise: one of the best chiefs I've had
  • Nicholas Angel: one of the best chiefs I've had
  • Hyper: gave me the oppertunity to grow in a big clan, and build a reputation.
  • Legend: was one of the famous WS members, and helped WS a lot.
  • Emilio_Barzini: Also a great guy inside WS, was always kind and polite.
  • Haldir: Best event planner and he made you smile, was a great leader in AV.
  • ... (darn I can't remember leavers )

Last but not least: - I do have respect for the admin team: keep up the good job! They are here 24/7 to do a duty that is hard and sweaty. They keep the server clean, and need to do every single job other hates...

Just a hint that I can give to all players (if they are admin, clanholders, cops or criminals): Respect must be build. If you have respect, they will respect you. Respect everyone like you would love to be respected.

Normal Day

What is Tovenaarke normally doing in Argonath? Most of the time, he checks the players first. Start with the weapons, then money and then some random name checks. If there is time left (after reports and questions), he can be in a cop duty...

Mostly he checks the cop radio for disallowed languages and bad words. And if there is a suspect running in his area, who not getting the suspect.

Tovenaarke is always available as admin. PM's will be answered asap, even when he is in a kidnap situation or cop roleplay...

Other Nicks And Games

Not only 'Tovenaarke' is used by me. In other games, it is possibe that you can find me in another name... No need to use them now, because thats a bit lame, isn't it?

  • Sir Tov (Age of Empires 3, playing lan with friends)
  • Sjokkotov (Half Life, also lan with friends and on lan parties)
  • Broekventje (Old steam account)
  • Tovenaer (Age of Empires 2 and conqures, also older lan game with friends).

So, that is it for now... if you want to hear some more information, contact me on MSN or by Pm on the Argonath forums.

Goodbye Argonath


Greetings Argonath RPG members,

...And by this, also good-bye.

I wish to show some last things before I'm leaving, to newer folks, regular folks and realy old men...

First of all, thank you for the warm welcome in the very far past, as my first steps in Argonath were for me a brainwash. I've never heard of 'Role playing games'. Admins and old players teached me how to play, how to roll and how to act in the server. And d*mn I loved it! Felt in love and playing it now since '07. Yea, 5 years... and never get bored

After I masterd the skills of Role Play, you offerd me a job as admin. Man, I was even MORE in love! I liked my job so hard, it was a new world for me. Thanks to show me!

I would like to take you on a journey of my history here in Argonath...

Around February - March '07 I installed SAMP, beacuse I just love MP, and get realy fast bored of SP. No knowing what will happen, but SA was one of my most likely games I've played. Searching the servers, and randomly clicked a server... and guesse what is was Argonath RPG. The first steps started.

After a week I got the point of Role play, and starting to teach new players how to act. My job? On duty... 24/7 if possible. I would be the 'good guy', and left all the 'bad' things behind. No more drugs, hookers or criminal activities for me... 6 Months later, time to take a big step into the ARPD. I've grown there a lot. I've been is SWAT, been invited to the FBI, been from officer to seargeant. My duty was my live in Argonath RPG.

After a year, I applied to the admin team, and they accepted me. In the team, years past and I started as moderator, to admin lvl 4 (better know as property admin).

But for all ups, you must go down. And this has been proven. Due inactivities I lost a lot: Ranks inside the ARPD, duties in the admin team and the clan.

And today I will end this, with a tin line.

I'm sad, well maybe, but I'm getting over it...

Gaming is fun, but it eats time... and alot. But as long as you enjoy it, and can control it, there is nothing bad happening. Split you spare time to PC and other things, that is the best way of living (if you realy love gameing).

Of cource a small thanks to a lot of people: Next time you blame someone, just realise what he or she did...

- Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf. A lot of people hate you, you get a lot of blame... BUT, without you (and other), I would never get the change to learn the world of Argonath, Role play and real virtual friends. You made it possible, for me and others. So my most thanks go for you.

- Hyper, Brokeman and Legend (old one). You gave me the most trust of doing all kind of things. From clan situations, to scripting servers, to manage forums and helping folks. I spend the most time with you, and I realy loved it!

- Forgotten admins: Marc (with some numbers), Lucas_Scalise, CBFasi, and many more, thank you to bring the admin levels to high standards.

- Current admins: thank you to clear out the server. All of you thanks, and specially to Murt_Rogers, Daxx, Dellstorm, Jcstodds, Doggi, Jonathan_Als, Qsens, Sjeken, Zaila, Onotroll, Eliteterm, Petey and Seskom. You are in my eyes, the 'upper' class inside the admin team. This doesn't means other are s*cky admins. The contact was just otherwise, less familiar.

- Server team: [Rstar]Pancher, [Rstar]cDa, [Rstar]Cutt3r, [Rstar]Jaaskaa, [Rstar]Malcolm, [Rstar]Agent, Boromir, [Rstar]Kojak, and last but not least: [Rstar]xcasio. Thank you for all the shit we trow to you, to clean it up day after day. The high standards you use, are very very welcome (for me), and good for the 'own world'. Sorry Malcome you have to bring me the bad news about the admin duty, but it is your job. I'm glad it was you who told me . Nothing to blame

- ARPD man: Pancher, Lucas_Scalise, Hank_Rafferty, CBFasi, Jaaskaa and Nicholas_Angel. Your project rules! ARPD for ever! Once LSPD, always LSPD!

- And of course I players I've met, and had my fun with. I will miss you (sounds silly but, yes, I will). It is stupid to create a 3page long list. You all know who I love isn't it

Will I come back? Well maybe. Do I leave now? Yes. Will I check this topic? Yes. Do I disapear forever? I doubt so. You can contact me via my profile, so I'm not 'disapearing'.

But I take a deep breath and say bye for now. I see this as a very big break, without returning date...

Anyone to blame? Not at all. It was a wake up call, and it happend at a good point.

If you forget me, don't forget my ideas:

- New scriptable ideas

- Another thinking of the bizz system

- Pig Pen

- Club Bandito

- Offical Events

- Mayor Idea

- Argonath Business directory

- My ARPD carrier

To do:

- Removing moderator rights for the "Events and winners - SA" Board [Forum leaders]

- Removing admins rights at the server [Server leaders]

- Removing admin rights at the forum [Forum leaders]

- Selling Pig Pen [me]

- Removing Tag [SA admin]

- Removing the Wiki page [Wiki admins]

- Removing my ARPD rights IG & Forum [Team Pancher]

I'm looking for someone who: - Wish to take over the Argonath Business Directory. Contact me, and I'll see what I can arrange with the forum admins. - Wish to buy Pig Pen, for an massive ammount of money. Topic will be made soon in the Auction section. (I try to get as much money as possible for new events!) - Can tell me if it is right to leave...


- If you read it all: wow, never tought someone would

- If this is not allowed: sorry. if this is not the right place, sorry too...

This is my last greetings to you all. Greetings, and goodbye!