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TO-DO list represents a list of needed articles or articles that need completion or editing. It is made to raise awareness about unfinished or necessary articles that editors can take upon themselves to do. If there aren't any items on the to-do list, check out the wanted pages list for pages that are missing.

To reserve an article put your signature next to it and upon completing the edits, rather than removing the item, just surround its title with <s> tags. If you feel that there is an article that needs finishing, simply add it to the list. If an article is reserved, the author who reserved it is given a maximum of 7 days to complete edits he wants; after this period, the reservation is removed so that others who might want to participate in editing the mentioned page can do so.

Requiring updates

  • General Argonath
    • Update LOTR characters
    • Update general Argonath management names


  • IV:MP
    • Revise script information


  • V:MP
    • Revise script information
    • Add Los Santos Military
    • Update LSPD NOOSE
    • Add new scripts

  • Groups
    • Check official clans
    • Check official groups
    • Revise activity
    • Revise leaderships



  • Argonath RPG Wiki
    • Update general editor/administration preferences
    • Update group managements