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Main article: Argonath Rules

Basic Server Rules

  • Do not cheat; do not hack
  • Do not use mods which gives you advantage (handling mods etc.)
  • Do not heli kill; do not car kill; do not repeatedly or purposely ram others; do not carjack others
  • Do not abuse glitches or tools that give you advantage over other players (i.e. entering locked vehicles)
  • Do not abuse bugs or faults in scripts that give you advantage
  • Do not pause during combat, while being wanted or in a place that hinders other players
  • Do not revenge kill
  • Do not flood the chat window; do not spam and do not swear
  • Slang is NOT accepted if it contains swearing, cursing or insulting language
  • Do not insult other players, respect them
  • Do not attack others without a proper roleplay reason ('He killed me first' is a clear rulebreak: "Do not revange kill")
  • Do not escape if surrendered to the police (follow cops to the police department)
  • LCPD, FBI and N.O.O.S.E. vehicles are only for their own usage
  • Do not cheat, hack money
  • Do not imposter other players (no copying other players nicks or regular clan tags)
  • Unreadable nicknames are not allowed (please refrain from using <>?/|\{}[]()-=+/*- (tags are fine, but not whole name out of them)
  • Nicknames that are or does have parts of Lord of the Rings characters names are not allowed
  • Do not rule break and go crazy because there are no admins around (you can never be sure; rememer Sauron is watching)
  • Server rules apply at all times, also in case there are no admins or scripts are not functioning. Rulebreaking at those times can and will be punished later on
  • The transfer of currency to the IV:MP server from any other Argonath server shall be strictly prohibited
  • Do not shoot as driver or passenger from any vehicle

Duty Rules

  • Do not suspect for rulebreaks if there are admins present to handle
  • Do not abuse the suspect command without a valid reason named law break (read the laws)
  • Cops are supposed to use normal duty weapons granted by scripts
  • Do not shoot suspects that offer no resistance
  • You must act like the skin duty does require you to be acted
  • Cops are obligated to use police cruisers when performing a pull over.
  • "Routine" or "Random" stops or checks are not allowed and can be considered abusive. To perform a traffic stop there must be a crime, traffic violation, or 911 call made in relation to the person being stopped.

Suspect Rules

  • Do not attack or provoke cops while they don't interact with you
  • Shooting randomly at cops or randomly getting suspected for major law breaks is counted as deathmatching
  • Do not evade the law enforcers in water
  • Do not evade the law enforcers in helicopter
  • Do not random aid suspects

Additional Script Rules

  • Weapons may not get equiped during combat
  • Do not use duty skins on your without beeing part of group or off duty
  • Banned weapons are: Grenades, Molotov Cocktails and Rocket Launchers
  • Do not keep bugs that can be abused secret (abusing of bug; report imediantly to scripters to fix the bug)

Property Rules

  • Business owners will be required to keep their businesses stocked. If a business is observed having 0 stock and the owner has not logged in within 30 days, the business will be reset and available for purchas.
  • Home owners who have not entered the server within a period of 3 months will lose their homes and will be available for purchase by other players. Reimbursements will be made if contacted the previous owner within 7 days of removal