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The rules of Argonath RPG are simple. All players are expected to role-play. Deathmatching (attacking players without a role-play reason) is strictly forbidden and players doing it will be severely punished by the administration. Players are free to use their imagination. The idea of the role-play servers is that we all live in a corrupt country, with a lot of criminals. However, that does not mean that civilians are allowed to use their weapons at any time. If you are shot at, do what would happen in real life: panic and run. Only the cops are allowed to shoot back, but even for the cops there are limits.

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Basic Rules

  • Do not cheat, do not hack.
  • Do not use any modifications in order to gain advantage over another player (for example handling mods).
  • Do not abuse any glitches/bugs or misuse commands that can give you advantage over other players.
  • Pausing while a suspect or during a combat is NOT allowed.
  • Do not hellikill or carkill any players.
  • Do not carjack or ram other players.
  • Revenge killing is forbidden.
  • Do not flood or spam.
  • Advertising other servers or sites that do not beling to Argonath RPG is forbidden.
  • Do not insult or flame other players
  • Deathmatching is stricly forbidden (you must have a valid reason roleplaywise to attack someone)
  • You can not run after you have surrendered to the police, you must comply.
  • Suiciding as suspect is forbidden.
  • Police vehicles are to be used only by police officers.
  • Cheating money is NOT allowed.
  • One person can only have an account - No multiaccounting.
  • Do not imposter other players (copying names of other players or tags of regular clans).
  • Slang is allowed only within role-play (any kind of personal attack is still disallowed).
  • Unreadable nicknames are not allowed (no numeric numbers, refrain from using <>?/\|()[]-º=>...
  • Stay civil at all times, civility is one of the most important things on the community.
  • A person is considered a new player when they have played less than one month - It is not allowed to scam these players.