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Listed below are the different ranks of the Argonath Admin team in ascending order.

Current Ranks


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The Owners are the highest ranked members and the Leaders of the Admin Team, possessing full and complete authority over the entire community. They own and maintain the Argonath RPG servers, and are responsible for appointing Community Leaders and other personnel essential to the community. In the event of a dispute between players and administration members, their word is considered as the final decision. The Owners are Aragorn, Gandalf, and Sauron.

Community Leader

Community Leaders are high-ranked Administration members, who possess administrative authority and rights across the entire community, instead of only one or two Argonath servers. They are second only to the Owners in rights and merit, and have the authority to make decisions on certain vital issues. In the absence of the Owners, the responsibility for leading the Argonath Community falls on the Community Leaders.

Division Leader

Division Leaders are essentially Community Leaders, although they are only assigned to one particular division. They handle and oversee the duties of the Managers and Administration, and are also involved in Managerial duties.


Managers are responsible for leading the Admin Team on a daily basis and handling bans and unbans. They are also considered authorities on disputed matters involving server rules, and are called on to fix certain problems beyond the reach of Administrators, which include solving internal disputes between Administration members.

Scripter / Developer

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Scripters / Developers are players in charge of the development of the scripts on the various Argonath RPG servers. Scripters may or may not be admins, although the majority of Argonath scripters and developers also serve as server admins on the server they are developing. Some developers are also involved in management.

Senior Administrator

Senior Administrators are administrators who have alot of experience in the administration team. They are the ones that are experienced enough to decide alone, and answer questions from administrators and moderators.


Administrators are the main working force behind the Admin Team. Having completed their time as Moderators, they have earned the right to ban rulebreakers from the server, as well as most teleport commands (on servers such as SA-MP). They are obligated to respond to unban requests where they are involved.


Moderators are junior admins who have been newly inducted into the team. Chosen from deserving Argonath RPG players, they are in the process of learning the duties of Argonath Administrators, and as such, are restricted from the usage of certain commands. The primary duties of Moderators may involve helping and assisting new players instead of immediate response to reports. Across all servers, their script level is usually listed as "1". On some servers, they are allowed to tempban. There are three ways to attain this post: being chosen as a Moderator, being demoted from a higher rank, and an invitation from the Argonath Owners.

Trial Moderator

Trial Moderators are newly accepted Moderators who are under probation before a decision is taken to drop them or promote them to full members of the Admin Team.

Previous Ranks

Before the Administration Reform of 2009, the Admin Team had several other ranks, which are now out of commission.

Property Administrator

Property Administrators are in charge of setting properties (i.e: houses) on the server, and are usually Administrators with additional rights. In the old SA-MP Admin Team, they were regarded as one rank higher (Lvl4) than Admins (Lvl3), although their classification has been changed to the one mentioned above after the Administration Reform of 2009.

Main Admin

Main Admins were Administrators who had admin rights on more than one server, although not necessarily Community Leaders. In the event of mishaps on one server, a main admin could be called in from another Argonath server for assistance. Main Admins were also known as senior Administrators, before the rank was retired following the Administration Reform of 2009. However this rank is still being used in VC:MP. However no one is currently holding the rank.

Community Leader (Server)

In the pre-reform era, Community Leaders were the equivalent of present-day managers (i.e: "SA:MP Community Leader"), who handled administrative matters, disputes, and bans / unbans. The role has since then diverged into the positions of Community Leader (Community) and Manager.

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