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The following guide explains the properties in current SA-MP scripts.

Argonath RPG gives players an ability to buy houses, cars and business. Every citizen can own houses, business and vehicles. To enter any of the properties, press the H key, when at a property icon. To exit a property, use the H key again.

State Properties

These properties cannot be sold, bought, robbed or locked. Recognized as state buildings are: Banks, City Hall buildings, Police Departments, Court House, State Car Dealerships, Churches. These properties belong to the Argonath RPG Government.


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Business properties have a dollar icon. One citizen can have unlimited one business property but taxes will be paid at the end of the month. You can set an entrance fee, lock the property, name the business and order stocks if you run out of yours. The price of your business includes the main price, set by government plus your business cash. That is why you should withdraw money from your cash box before selling your business.


See also Property Naming Information, House Interiors

You can buy any unowned house or you can buy it from another player. A house can be set up with any interior you chose, as long as its size fits the exterior of the house. Each interior has its own price that is added to the price of your house. The house properties have a green house icon. The owners of houses can lock their properties, name it. You need to have a passport to buy a house. In order to buy one, you must make sure that you have the correct amount of money needed to purchase the property in your bank account, then you can proceed to type /purchase while standing at its entrance. Use /sell to sell your house while standing at the entrance. You can also get any available house to get scripted. Pick which house you like, choose an interior, and contact the administration. Note that the police has the right to storm locked houses, if there are suspects inside.


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There's a variety of vehicles in the city: boats, aircrafts, cars and bikes. The State is the owner of public service vehicles, such as police vehicles, medical/army vehicles and others. These can not be bought by any player, and only members of the respective departments can use the State vehicles.