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About the Los Santos Government

The Los Santos Government is the general head of day-to-day operations within the Los Santos State.


The President of the United States of Argonath

  • Gandalf

The Prime Minister of the United States of Argonath

  • Aragorn

The Governor of the State of Los Santos

  • -

The Chief of Los Santos Police Department

  • Jcstodds

The Commander of the National Office of Security Enforcement

  • Norrage & Kawashty

The Commander of the Los Santos Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • -

The official passports/visa offices

The official driving licensing

V:MP Groups and Organizations
Government: Los Santos Government, Los Santos Passport Authority, Los Santos Driving School
Law Enforcement: Los Santos Police Department, N.O.O.S.E., Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Santos Military
Emergency Services: Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, Los Santos Fire Department
Other: Rock Stars Clan, The Crimson Legacy, TeaM