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TeaM stands for Team MTA. It is an Official Argonath Clan that operates on the (previous) Argonath MTA:VC and SA-MP servers. The leader of the clan is MIB / Boromir. TeaM is one of the four official clans in Argonath. Therefore, they require our members to be as respected as possible to remain our reputation.

Additionally, unlike many other clans, they try to make TeaM a family, not a clan composed of power-hungry people, in which their members socialize and befriend each other. However, they do not accept just any person into TeaM; they try to be successful with quality, not quantity.

The forums can be found here.


Family Council
  • Arslan
  • Boozman
  • Qsens

Active Members
  • Anj
  • Duel
  • Eric
  • Jessy
  • Lionel
  • Louise
  • Mark
  • Monty
  • Skyhawk

Inactive Members
  • Achagan
  • Axis
  • Bio
  • Cabe
  • Earl
  • Edge
  • Fabio
  • Frog
  • Giuseppe
  • Hamza
  • Hess
  • Jack
  • JorJ
  • Jose
  • Rafs
  • Ramy
  • Ritz
  • Seanolk
  • Shejken
  • Trobby888
  • Wayne

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