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About The Kolta Family

The Kolta Family is a group of people who are law abiding citizens of Argonath. We rarely or never do criminal activites. We work together to create positive, unique, and different role play within the decent role play realms of Argonath. Kolta members range from honest citizens to the highest levels in government, including FBI Directors and ARPD Chiefs of Police. We see ourselves as a form of nostalgic role players who seek to experience new or even classical ways of role play.

  • All members and applicants should follow the Argonath server and forum rules.
  • All members should ask the family leaders before removing the Kolta tag from their name.
  • All members shall abide to the rules on our forum. We strictly enforce those in order to maintain high standards.
  • Anyone who is not affiliated to a criminal group can be part of Kolta.
  • If a member is kicked out, they will have only one chance to return if the offence was not bannable from server.
  • Kolta are peacemakers, this means we do not encourage the use of violence to solve problems.
  • Since Kolta's creation back in November 2008, members have suffered minimal administrative punishments.
  • The majority of the members within the Kolta family are apart of the Argonath administration team.
  • The Kolta family has rendered a positive reputation throughout Argonath on it's outstanding performance in game and out game.

The Kolta Family is currently headed by [R*]Jaaskaa. The Family is low on activity however it is still operating, specially on SA:MP.


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