La Famiglia di Ancelotti

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Closed Group

This clan / group is no longer active on Argonath RPG.

About The Ancelotti Family

La Famiglia di Ancelotti or The Ancelotti Family (commonly shortened to Ancelotti) is an Italian Mafia in Argonath's VC:MP and SA-MP servers, based in Vice City and San Fierro, San Andreas. Their headquarters is the Avispa Country Club, located in southern Ocean Flats.

Ancelotti used to be primarily based in Vice City, where they were allied with the Eighth Avenue Furies. After a subsequent drug deal where Ancelotti turned against EAF followed by subsequent raids by the VCPD, the family changed its primary base of operations to San Andreas.

Ancelotti is allied with The Gvardia Family and The Sforza Family, with The Corleone Mafia as enemies. However, the Ancelotti don had been affiliated with the Corleones some time in the past. Along with Gvardia and SFPD, Ancelotti is one of the groups responsible for populating the San Fierro area.

Ancelotti is currently one of the top five criminal organizations on the server, and has been certified with an Official status by the Argonath Administration.

It is currently headed by Comrey_Ancelotti.

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