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About The Sforza Family

The Sforza Family or The Sforza Mafia (commonly shortened to Sforza) is an Italian Mafia in Argonath's MTA:VC, VC:MP, and SA-MP servers, based in Vice City and San Andreas. Their headquarters have differed over the years, although they are currently based in a mansion estate at Mulholland, Los Santos.

The Sforza Mafia is one of the oldest criminal groups on the server, dating back to 2007, when it was founded by TonySforza and AlSforza. Throughout Argonath history, many of its members have held high-profile positions in the Argonath community and the Administration. Along with the Argonath Veterans and Team MTA, Sforza is one of the most prominent groups on Argonath MTA:VC.

Sforza is also allied with The Corleone Mafia and La Famiglia di Ancelotti.

It is currently headed by Alfredo_Sforza and Tony_Sforza.

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