The Corleone Mafia

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About The Corleone Mafia

The Corleone Mafia (commonly shortened to Corleone) is an Italian / Sicilian Mob in Argonath's SA-MP server, based in Los Santos. Having been established in 2006, Corleone is currently one of the biggest. Their headquarters is the hilltop mansion located in Verdant Bluffs, and has the biggest apparent estate size of any criminal headquarters in the server.

At one point, Corleone was the owner of the majority of skyscrapers in Los Santos, with its assets reaching into the millions. Corleone has a longstanding feud with The Stracci Family as well, which has become one of the most high-profile criminal conflicts in Argonath, with many criminal groups taking sides between the two. The Magni Pact was founded by Stracci and its associates to fight the Corleones and their influence.

Corleone is currently one of the top five criminal organizations on the server, and has been certified with an Official status by the Argonath Administration.

It is currently headed by Daniel_Corleone, its Don / Founder and one of the Argonath webmasters.

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