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Closed Group

This clan / group is no longer active on Argonath RPG.

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About The Stracci Family

The Stracci Family (commonly shortened to Stracci) is an Italian / Sicilian Mob in Argonath's SA-MP server, based in Los Santos. Their headquarters is a large mansion estate building located in Vinewood. In addition to their headquarters, the Stracci also own a variety of other assets, including an Ammunation located alongside The Strip, Las Venturas.

Stracci was one of the criminal organizations who formed the Magni Pact, a coalition of criminal organizations founded to fight The Corleone Mafia and its allies. The longtime war between Stracci and Corleone has been one of the most high-profile criminal conflicts in Argonath history, with many criminal groups taking sides between the two.

Some time after the formation of the Magni Pact, Stracci ended up warring with The Araatus Yakuza, one of its former allies in the Magni Pact. At this point, it was not only at war with Corleone and Araatus, but also with The Gvardia Family as well, placing Stracci into a tight position. However, Stracci was able to recover from the conflict afterwards and currently remains one of the most high-profile mafias on Argonath.

Stracci is also one of the top five criminal organizations, and has been certified with an Official status by the Argonath Administration.

It is currently headed by NitrOx_Stracci, the Don and Founder.

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