The Araatus Yakuza

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About The Araatus Yakuza

The Araatus Yakuza (commonly abbreviated as "Araatus", pronounced Ah-rah-tuh-s) is a Japanese criminal organization in Argonath's SA-MP server, based on the principles of crime and honor. It is currently the most renowned and notorious Yakuza among the numerous criminal groups, and has clashed with the Argonath Federal Bureau of Investigation on several notable occasions in the past.

Of the top five criminal organizations, Araatus is currently the only group that has not been certified with an Official Status. Araatus was also one of the constituents of several coalitions of criminal organizations, including THOR and the Magni Pact. Araatus was also part of the original THOR discussions that formed the widely used "Allied, Enemies, Respected, Disrespected" alliance structure found in many current criminal group forum topics.

It was founded in February 2008 by Panda_Araatus and Maxy_Araatus, both previously members of the Solonik Brotherhood.

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