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Seal of San Andreas Federal Bureau of Investigation

The San Andreas Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the SA-MP FBI, is a division of the Argonath Federal Bureau of Investigation within the ARPD, located in the state of San Andreas. There are around 30 members in the Bureau, who are organized into two publicly known divisions, A(lpha) and B(ravo). The FBI is the backbone of Argonath Law and order. It is a totally honest organization in which no crime is tolerated. The personnel working for the Bureau accomplish several different tasks and follow a different career path with their own specialization from which they constantly improve and help the organization to become better. FBI members receive a salary paid by the state.

Objectives & Priorities

The Argonath Federal Bureau of Investigation is a high authority organization issued with the legal right to require to the force in order to protect the citizens of Argonath. The Federal Bureau of Investigation priorities are to protect the rights guaranteed to every citizens by allowing them to live in a safe nation in which drug and organized crimes shall no longer be a problem to the honest citizens. Also to enforce the criminal laws of the United States of Argonath. The Federal Bureau of Investigation objective is to guarantee safety and stability in the whole nation by using all necessary means.

A full list of objectives and Priorities can be found here.

Joining the FBI

Applications are closed and opened when Cadets are required. When they are open make an application here. Ensure that you follow every instruction given in each and every topic. Your application will be reviewed by the Directions staff and you will be asked questions, answer them honestly. If your application is accepted, you will go through a number of stages and trainings before being made an Agent.

Member List

A current members list can be found at this topic.

Argonath Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI Logo.png
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