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Closed Group

This clan / group is no longer active on Argonath RPG.

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The Gvardia Family (commonly shortened to Gvardia) was a Slavic criminal organization in Argonath's SA:MP server, based in San Fierro. It was once the dominant criminal force in the city, headquartered in a former Federal Mint building in Queens. Its motto was "Caput magnitudo qui vi populor omnigenus", which is Latin for "The main power that will crush all".

In addition to their assets in San Fierro, Gvardia controlled several profitable businesses located in Las Venturas, such casinos. Gvardia was also home to The Gvardia Bank, one of the largest player-run financial organizations in Argonath.

Status and Controversies

Gvardia was once one of the top five criminal organizations on the server, at one point having "Official" status. They also managed to obtain two Argonath RPG Oscar Awards for "Best Criminal Group" in 2009 and 2010.

Conversely, many of their members were also notorious for repeatedly breaking Server Rules, fighting with other players and groups, and receiving plenty of punishments from the Argonath Administration.

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