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About The Gvardia Family

The Gvardia Family (commonly shortened to Gvardia) is a Slavic criminal organization in Argonath's SA-MP server, based in San Fierro. It is currently the dominant criminal force in the area, and has been essential in populating San Fierro. Their headquarters is a former Federal Mint building located in Queens.

In addition to their assets in San Fierro, Gvardia also control an amount of profitable businesses located in Las Venturas, including but not limited to casinos. Gvardia is also home to The Gvardia Bank, one of the largest player-backed monetary organizations in Argonath.

Gvardia is one of the top five criminal organizations on the server, and is also one of the Official groups. Its motto is "Caput magnitudo qui vi populor omnigenus", which means "The main power that will crush all".

The family also managed to obtain two oscars for best criminal group in 2009 and 2010.

It is currently headed by Cofiliano Gvardia. The remaining bosses are Eugene and Antonio.

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