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About Argonath Veterans

Argonath Veterans, also known as =AV=, was the first official Argonath clan. They were previously known as the 'Almighty Veterans', following the merging of the two clans 'Almighty Kings' ( =AK= ) and 'The Veterans' ( =TV= ). The clan received permission on June 14th 2007 to change their name to 'Argonath Veterans'. With most members in favour of the change, the clan's name was changed on June 15th 2007. The founders of the clan were =AV=9r2e5i3k and =AV=Janek.

=AV= operates a quality, not quantity scheme, meaning that they are not satisfied simply by having many members wearing the tag. =AV= members know each other intimately - like any close friends; and play with each other at every available opportunity, on any of Argonath's servers.

There are two tags in use by the clan:

=AV= - Argonath Veteran
Used by regular players, or those who exhibit high levels of roleplay ability, without reliance on scripts, or imported ideas such as IC/OOC.
=AVt= - Argonath Veteran in training
This is the rank bestowed on invited members who are new to the servers, in order to bring them up to roleplay according to the key ideas of the Argonath Vision, and the simple, innocent roleplay which has existed in Argonath since its foundation.

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