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About The Crimson Legacy

The Crimson Legacy (also known as TCL) is a prominent Argonath RPG clan, particularly on the SA-MP and IV:MP servers. It is a clan which prioritizes roleplay first.

The clan was first founded in early 2007 by [TCL]Hayden. It operated for a short time before closure, after which it was re-opened in 2008 by [Rstar]Carbon, with a lot of prominent members entering and ascending its ranks.

It was certified as one of the Argonath RPG Official Clans on August 2, 2009, joining the ranks of more renowned Argonath clans such as the Argonath Veterans and White Shadows. The clan is currently headed by its Clan Director, [TCL]Rami.

A more detailed timeline of events can be found on their clan forums.

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