Liberty State Judiciary (III:MP)

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About the Liberty State Judiciary

The Liberty State Judiciary consists of various courts, each with a different jurisdiction. The role of the State Judiciary is to preside over civil and criminal suits, deliberating over cases and delivering verdicts. The judiciary is the branch of government that decides when laws have been broken (breached) based on evidence presented in court cases and on what the penalty or remedy is to be for the particular breach of the law.

Liberty State Supreme Court

The Supreme and Appeal Court is where parties who took part in a case may request an appeal and ask for the case to be reviewed again, or matters involving government, the state or high-level criminal suits. Furthermore, the judges from this court may partake in any case regardless of which court it is, if they find it necessary.

District Court

The District Court handles cases in which state law enforcement agencies, such as the Liberty City Police Department pursue criminals according to the state penal code. It also handles any civil suits.

Clerk's Office

The Clerk's Office handles employment and other types of contracts, such as loan agreements. Furthermore, it serves as the patent registry and copyright protection service.

Liberty State Judiciary

Chief Justice
The Hon. Arthur Kirkland

Associate Justices

Court Hall of the State of Liberty
1 Short Street, Staunton Island, Liberty City

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