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Closed Group

This clan / group is no longer active on Argonath RPG.

Argonath Express (AE) was an Argonath news organization. It was one of the oldest known news groups in Argonath RPG, and was once an official group with its own subdomain

Early Years (2008-2010)

Argonath Express was founded in 2008 by Polopolo as Owner and Chief Executive Officer, with Argonath Owner Aragorn in an honorary position as "The Big Owner". Argonath Express sat down for an interview with the Owners, publishing information about them such as the age gap between Gandalf and Aragorn (who are also siblings), and why Sauron (the server's host) does not come ingame.

As an official group, Argonath Express had its own Argonath subdomain ( complete with its own Joomla landing page and SMF forums.

Argonath Express passed into the ownership of succeeding CEO Xavas, followed by COO-turned-CEO JDC. The organization closed down in 2010 following website and manpower problems.

Resurgence (2016, 2018)

In 2016, JDC, having become a graphic designer, revived Argonath Express as a magazine. Argonath Express covered the 2016 San Andreas Mayoral Elections, which saw the elections of Caion Cortis (Los Santos), Sam Gvardia (San Fierro), and Salmonella (Las Venturas). Eventually, Argonath Express once again closed when JDC left Argonath later in the same year for real-life reasons.

Argonath Express' most successful incarnation came in early 2018, when JDC returned to Argonath RPG and revived the organization as a newspaper. 4 issues were released in newspaper format, which are still visible to this day on the AE Forum.

Argonath Express closed down for good when JDC left Argonath in mid-2018 for real-life reasons, appearing occasionally in references after his return in December 2020.


Name Tenure Position
Polopolo 2008-2009 Founding CEO
Xavas (Jakeup) 2009-2010 CEO
JDC 2010, 2016, 2018 CEO (formerly COO)


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