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Closed Group

This clan / group is no longer active on Argonath RPG.

About Argonath Express

Argonath Express (also known as AE) was a state-funded journalist group that once operated as Argonath's biggest news organization, complete with an official subdomain (

AE also interviewed the Owners and provided some information about them, such as the age gap between Gandalf and Aragorn and why Sauron does not appear often ingame.

AE was organized by Polopolo, passed into the ownership of Xavas, then into the hands of its last Chief Executive Officer, JDC. The final decisions and ownership of AE lay with Prime Minister Aragorn, also known as "The Big Owner".

AE finally closed in 2010, despite the efforts of its CEO, following website and manpower problems, from which the organization never recovered.

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