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About the Eighth Avenue Furies

The Eighth Avenue Furies (also known as EAF) are a criminal gang in Argonath's VC:MP server, based in Vice City. Their headquarters is an old, dilapidated mansion located in Prawn Island.

[EAF] is known the dominant criminal force in Vice City (VC:MP), and is heavily involved in activities such as blackmail / extortion, kidnapping, murder, and smuggling. The majority of players on VC:MP are divided between [EAF] and the VCPD, with the VCPD listing [EAF] as the leading criminal threat in the city.

[EAF] has also garnered widespread controversy amid many reports and alleged incidents of deathmatching, flaming, racism, and other different instances of rulebreaking by its members. Many of the claims were cemented in 2011 when Aragorn removed [EAF]Klaus from his Managerial position, personally warned and forum-banned several of its members, gave the group an Official Warning as a result of consistent rulebreaking, and put VC:MP under the threat of closure.

In spite of occasional minor tensions, both [EAF] and the Argonath VC:MP server have continued to operate normally since.

[EAF] is currently headed by [EAF]Alarba.

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