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This page might be outdated and is currently being updated to the RS5.2 version of the SA-MP server script. Contents of this page may not correctly represent the actual behavior and presence of the scripts, nor the state of things in the game.

Thank you for reading this guide, this guide is written for trial moderators so they can read about the rules and commands we use, but it will also be useful for existing admins to refresh their knowledge. Because admins are human too, they will act differently from one another when dealing with similar situations. Therefore we don't expect or want every admin to do the job exactly the same; every admin will find his or her own style. Despite this, it is important that we all follow some basic procedures to ensure consistency and avoid confusion.

Main Rules


We do not allow open disputes between the admins on main chat in-game or on public forums. If you wish to discuss a problem with another admin use personal messages or make a topic on SA:MP admins forum (when it involves more admins). You may, if you think it's necessary, involve a manager (level 3+) by sending them a private message requesting their assistance, in this case you should utilise either admin chat (type /a [text] to talk in admin chat) or MSN to talk between you. If you wish to make a complaint about another admin, you should send an email to [email protected] making sure to include all relevant information and in-game names and screen shots if applicable.


Admins should set a good example at all times, many players look to admins as an example of acceptable behaviour. When you tell a player to f**k off, Argonath is telling that player to f**k off. Flaming, bad language and abusive behaviour is strictly forbidden. In addition, while you may enjoy friendly deathmatching with other admins, this is setting a bad example to new players and is therefore also forbidden. Thus, ALWAYS behave maturely, and try to be role models to the players.


Admin rights on Argonath RPG are a privilege that is reserved for the most deserving and competent members of our community, keeping the server secure from rule-breakers is often hard work. Admins should be calm and patient even if they are on the receiving end of abusive language. If you are struggling you should ask another admin to help you, if you feel yourself getting angry and wound up, you should leave server and calm down. If you don't feel in the mood to carry out the demanding work of administrating the server, or in particular if you are intoxicated, you must not go online.

In addition to maintaining the security of the server, admins are expected to help players and respond to reports. If you want to play without disturbance, you must log on to a separate account that has no admin rights. When you are logged into your admin account, you must be active and not away from keyboard for extended periods. If you know that you will be AFK for more then 5 minutes, please log out.

Game Rules


When you think a player is using cheats or you see a report about player using cheats you should investigate it immediately. Use /spectate to see where the player is and what he does. Money hackers are noticed easily with the cash imbalance warning; however you should not take action immediately but investigate what happened. Health cheats are also easy to notice with the /sslap (silent slap) command, be sure the player isn't AFK. Weapon cheats can be identified when a player has just spawned and does not have the regular weapons. Teleport cheats, Speeds cheats and Flying cheats can be noticed by spectating the player, as well as the Gravity cheat.

When you are not sure about the cheats, try to ask the players themselves. Moderators can't ban players directly, but they can help with investigating so use the above methods and then liaise with other admins to pursue action. If you cannot obtain assistance from another admin, use /ajail and they can be banned when another admin is available. When there are no admins online, kick the player and post a message with their username, the date and time and reason in the "Pending Bans" section on the forums.


Argonath is not a deathmatch server and deathmatching is forbidden. However as part of role-play sometimes killing is inevitable, for example during a bank robbery or a kidnapping. Argonath encourages role-play so it is important to be able to recognise the difference between a deathmatch kill and a role-play kill.

If a new player is deathmatching, it is probably because he doesn't know the rules and it is your job to educate him. You have a number of tools at your disposal and you should learn which ones are appropriate to use, for example for a first offence it is not appropriate to kick a new player before other methods have been exhausted, this involves talking with the player and using the /warn command. You can inform the player of the rules in several ways, using the command /crimson [player ID] tells the player that Argonath is not a deathmatch server. If you need to get their attention, you should use /freeze to stop them from moving and make the player more likely to read the chat, after you have finished talking with the player remember to use /thaw [player ID] to allow him to move again. If the player continues to deathmatch, freeze them again and issue a warning by using the /warn command. Talking to them by sending them a PM is usually effective so utilise this too, when dealing with a player you should inform your colleagues in admin chat.

Another command which you can use when a player continues to break the rules is /ajail, this command will send the player to jail for the amount of time you specify, 30 seconds is usually enough time to get the message across. In the event that all of the above has failed you can remove the player from the server by using /kick [player ID]. Remember when you take action against a player, always specify a good and valid reason.


If a player is being abusive towards another player or flooding the chat, it is your job to stop this. Your first action should be to simply tell the offending player to stop, if they continue you should mute them using the /banana [player ID] command. Tell them what they did wrong (in chat or PM) and remove the banana. Again, if they continue once you have unmuted them, you can mute them for a longer period. Finally, when the above has failed, kick them from the server stating a clear reason.


Advertising other servers is strictly prohibited; if a player does this he should be banned.


We only allow English to be used in public chat, however if a player doesn't understand English it is unlikely he will recognise this rule. If you encounter a player who is speaking another language is public chat inform him that public chat is English only, if he doesn't understand ask if there is anyone who speaks his language and have them explain the rules to him. Remember, poor English is still English, we do not expect players whose native tongue is not English to have a perfect grasp of the language. If after attempting to help a non-English speaker to understand the rules he continues to speak in public chat in a foreign language you may have to remove him from the server.

Languages other than English may be used in all other channels; the rule only applies to public chat.


Carjacking is prohibited. If you receive a report of carjacking you should spectate the reported player. If you witness him carjacking you should /freeze him and use /ejectout [player ID]. The player will be ejected out and automatically warned. Allow the player who had his vehicle jacked to reclaim it before /thawing the carjacker. Even though he has been automatically warned you should inform the player that carjacking is forbidden and then /thaw him.


Car killing and ramming another player is against the rules. On encountering this you should freeze the player and warn him. Take additional steps if the rule-breaking continues.


Only passengers may perform drive by shootings, drivers of vehicles are forbidden from doing it. Take the necessary action to prevent this, starting with a warning.

Admin Rules


New players joining Argonath are vitally important to the future of the server and they should be treated with the proper respect and courtesy. Arguably one of the most important tasks of admins is to help and guide new players.

Although we publish our rules, it is unlikely that new players will have read them before registering an account at Argonath, therefore we should not treat them as rule-breakers, but instead we should educate them and assist them. It is worthwhile to spend time talking with a new player, answering his questions and offering guidance. It is not necessary to hold their hands or give them money, it is better to allow them to make mistakes as long as you ensure they learn from them. If they want to know more, show them the features, commands and maybe even involve them in some role-play.

Some new players will continue to break the rules, in this case you will need to escalate your action by utilising the commands available to you. Long-term regular players are expected to follow the rules at all times and set a good example to new players, however sometimes they too will break the rules and when they do you should not take the same lenient approach you do with new players.


Admin work takes priority in all circumstances. You may play in-game but must stop and turn to your duty when reports arise; only when that report has been resolved, or another admin has confirmed they have taken charge of it, may you return to play.

All admins must use the /on [ID of reporter] command to announce both in admin chat and to the player who issued the report when they are taking charge of a report. From time to time you will encounter false reports, in such circumstances you should inform the player who issued the report that you're not taking any action and why. If a report is sent maliciously then it may be appropriate to warn the player.

Remember, if you do not wish to tend to reports or perform admin duty, then log off.. Non-admin accounts are available ONLY FOR ADMINS..


Argonath is a RPG server, and our scripts are made to enhance RPG. However scripts do not make RPG, and a fun experience is mainly based on the behaviour of players and admins. Some players may have their own definition of 'good' and 'bad' role-play but remember any play that does not break the rules of the server is allowed.


Using your commands against another admin is strictly prohibited; this includes using commands for fun or as a joke towards another admin. The commands given to you are specifically for admin use and for no other purpose. Violation of this rule will lead to you being removed from the admin team.

In addition, you should be careful when using your commands against players. The punishment should always fit the offence; abuse of admin commands is taken very seriously.


Admins should have continuous activity on server. If you are going to be inactive for an extended period of time you must inform the team of this on the forums. If you do not inform us about the reasons of your prospective inactivity, you will be kicked without being informed.


Admins must not change their names without the permission from a manager, leader or owner. This applies to both your in-game username as well as your forum username.


Undercover work is restricted to leaders and managers, unless with explicit permission for certain projects. A non-admin account is not to be used for undercover investigating of other admins or players.


Admins are selected very carefully, and we take the same care when promoting admins. You will only be promoted if you show your capability of managing the higher level duties and are seen to go over and above what is expected of you. If you display these qualities we will notice it and set your level accordingly. If you sincerely feel that you are ready to move up a level, you should demonstrate it by working, not by saying so to us.

We do not want to hear "Why haven't I got promoted? I think I am ready" or any other similar sayings since we regard it as a conspicuous symbol of your power-hungriness, not of your enthusiasm to work for this community.


Admins must remain impartial when dealing with conflicts between players; you must not take sides, even if one of the players is your friend. In the event of being unable to resolve a dispute you should direct their complaints to [email protected] where it will be investigated.


There are no unwritten rules in Argonath; if a rule is not published it is not a rule. Rules are carefully considered and decided upon and under no circumstances should you impose a rule that is not official.

If you feel a rule is needed you should first carefully consider it. Is it really needed? What might the consequences be of implementing it? If you still feel it is justified and can provide good reasons then make a topic in the forums for the admin team to look at. There it will be considered and discussed and a decision will be made.