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This page might be outdated and is currently being updated to the RS5.2 version of the SA-MP server script. Contents of this page may not correctly represent the actual behavior and presence of the scripts, nor the state of things in the game.


RS5.2 Drugs

Key Changes from RS4.1 (and/or RS5.0):

  • Introducing meth ( RS5.2 )
  • Dynamic heroin spots
  • Weed fields
  • Drug market for criminal group leaders

Introducing meth ( RS5.2 )
Along with other changes, RS5.2 came with a new drug: meth. Meth can only be produced while inside a Journey ( RV Truck ). To produce meth you need a meth equipment and three ingredients: Lithium, Pseudoephedrine and Red Phosphorus. These are all obtained at a Black Market or from other players. You can produce meth at any place, but be careful - meth is an illegal and highly profitable drug.

Dynamic heroin spots
With RS4, there is a couple of set spots where you can grow weed and order heroin. However, that is not the case in RS5. In RS5, we have over 50 spots for heroin, but only a maximum of 14 spots will be active at the time, which means that it will be harder to find a spot to order heroin.

Weed fields
In RS4, there were several set spots for growing weed. In RS5.0 there was a dynamic spots system introduced, and in RS5.2 the weed system was again changed. Weed is now grown in fertile lands, which are about 20 fields, all over San Andreas. There's no limit on how many plants you can grow, other than the plants must be at least 3 meters apart.

Drug market for criminal group leaders
In RS4, managers has been buying drugs from criminals to stimulate the economy for criminals and give them a way to earn money. In RS5, this process will be automatic. We have over 30 spots where criminal group leaders can go to and sell the drugs to gain some money from it. However, the prices change depending on market needs. If there is too much meth, the prices will drop, and if there's not so much heroin the price will increase. Price is calculated on spawn.

RS5.2 Police

Key Changes from RS4.1 (and/or RS5.0):

  • Training when going on duty for the first time

Training when going on duty for the first time
In RS4, new players are able to go on duty as soon as they connect. In RS5, we are not limiting that. However, every player that is going on police duty for the first time needs to complete a basic training before being able to work as a police officer. The training involved questions, rules, shooting and driving. When a player has completed it, they will be added to the official SAPD group.

RS5.2 Economy

Key Changes from RS4.1:

  • Money will always stay in circulation, and never leaves the server and never spawned in.
  • You can have more than one bank account, there are various types.

Bank Accounts
We've added a few different bank accounts in which a player can own. Private account, savings account, partner(ship) account, group account, business account , brokerage account (RS5.1). You're private account is free and limited to one per citizen. It is required for any other type of account. Savings accounts are limited to one per citizen as well. Money can only be transfered to/from a private account using a saving account. Partner accounts are intended for two users to share rights over a bank account. Both partners are able to withdraw, manage, and deposit funds into the accounts. Group and Business accounts are larger-scaled partner accounts that require either leadership over a group or business. You can access you bank accounts at the bank by using /cash > Speak to the bank teller or using /mobilebanks.

Global Bank & City Banks
Taxes are paid to the city banks, other fees from ATMs and fines are paid to the global bank. This money is used for various functions of the government. Paydays will use the global bank funds. Loans can be granted by the bank which would also use this global banks.

Full Command List
/banks - Used to view, manage, and open bank accounts (required to be at bank) /cash - Used to view, send, and manage cash between wallet and pockets. /atm - Used to access an ATM using a bank card.

Misc. Features
/sponsorprice [amount] - Used to calculate how much it'll cost you to sponsor a server-wide payday. /sponsor [amount] - Used to sponsor a server-wide payday. /donate [amount] - Used to donate money to the state.

Group Banking
/groupbank [group short] - Used to access the group banking system at the bank.

RS5.2 Properties

Key Changes from RS4.1:

  • Furniture system
  • Stock system
  • Trucking system
  • Territory system

Furniture system
You can now furnish your interior using the furniture purchased in a furniture store. You can place it anywhere in your house with the /objects command.You can buy furniture from a furniture shop, there are several across the map.

Stock system
With the new economy system, money will always stay in circulation and this applies to businesses too. Owners have to restock their products on a regular basis if they want to earn money from the sold products. This can be done by placing a stock order using /manage and wait for a trucker to check it and deliver the stock. If the business hasn't been restocked, the product will be paid to the state and money will go back into the economy.

Trucking system
As a civilian you are be able to check a list of stock orders by using /orderlist inside a truck and fulfill them. The trucker has to drive to a factory where he can pickup the stock and then deliver it to the business which requested it. Different stock orders have different sizes, depending on the amount of items ordered - this means that an order of few items can be picked up with a small truck, meanwhile a big order will need to be picked up by a truck with a trailer. These kind of missions are limited to civilians who don't own businesses.

Territory system
(?) You can now set a specific group to protect your property with /setprotector

Full Command List
/pricelist /buy ([amount] [item]) /objects /purchase /sell /lock /unlock /name /setint /propertyhelp /manage /setprotector

RS5 Mission

Key Changes from RS4.1:

  • Clothes buying system
  • Gym training system
  • Mechanic job
  • Drivers license and Passport exam system
  • Hitman system

Buying Clothes
The new clothes buyign system is quite intuitive - all the skins are grouped into bunches based on the skin type. Once you select the skin you like inside the clothes shop you can buy it using /pay before walking out of the store.

Gym training
You can train in the gym by fighting with other players. This allows you to fight until one of the competitors goes down to 10 hp. Use /training to start the training mode and then /train to fight the player who is in training mode too. You can see a list of the available players in training mode by typing /findpartner. Another feature of the gym training system is /forteit which allows you to resign from a match.

Mechanic job
As mechanic you can now repair other players' vehicles. You can simply go on mechanic duty at any gas station by walking on the icon and set your job fee using /setmechanicfee. You can then offer to repair cars by typing /repair

Drivers license and Passport exam
You can find anything required to pass the passport exam by typing /cmbstudy inside any City Hall

Hitman system
You can become a hitman or place a hit on someone else by calling 400 ( /call 400 ). You will be prompted with a question, if you want to set a hit on someone or be able to take hits. You can not set a hit on notorious criminals.

Full Command List
/pay /training /train [ID] /findpartner /forfeit /traininghelp /setmechanicfee /repair /cmbstudy /cmbclose /placehit [id][amount][reason]