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This page might be outdated and is currently being updated to the RS5.2 version of the SA-MP server script. Contents of this page may not correctly represent the actual behavior and presence of the scripts, nor the state of things in the game.

This guide explains the scripted jobs in current SA-MP scripts.



To become a police officer, go to a police department and walk to the yellow-star marker inside the locker room. Note that it is strongly recommended that you read the police regulations and procedures before going on police duty.


  • /su(spect) [ID] [reason] - Suspects a civilian making him or her a criminal.
  • /cuff [ID] - Cuffs a surrendered criminal.
  • /jail [ID] [15-200] - Jails a suspect, both must be inside a police department.
  • /m(egaphone) [Text] - Megaphone for emergency vehicles.
  • /r(adio) [Text] - Radio for communication between policemen.
  • /e [Text] - Radio for communicating with members of other emergency services.
  • /mir - Reads out the Miranda Rights.
  • /speed [ID] - Displays the speed of a certain citizen. Must be a front passenger in a police vehicle.
  • /rank [ID] - Displays your own rank or someone else's.
  • Chat binds: /s1, /s2, /s3, /m1, /m2, /m3, /m(egaphone) [text]

To join the official SAPD, you can apply for a higher rank at the ARPD website.


To become a fireman, go to a fire department and you will see a red fire extinguisher in the locker room. As a fireman, you can participate in scripted missions.


  • /pager - Must be typed near the pager ( first room on the right ) to view the mission's location.
  • /r [text] - Radio for communication between firemen.
  • /e [text] - Radio for communicating with members of other emergency services.
  • Chat binds: /s1, /s2, /s3, /m1, /m2, /m3, /m(egaphone) [text]

To join the official SAFD, you can apply for a higher rank at the ARFD website.


Every big city on Argonath SA-MP has its hospital and ambulance team. Paramedics can heal all other citizens: police officers and criminals, gang members and civilians. However, they cannot heal themselves.

To become a medic, go to a hospital and walk into the blue shirt icon. You can heal other players by using /heal [ID]. Don't heal without patient's permission. In order to heal a person, both you and the patient should be inside an ambulance, or inside an hospital.


  • /heal [ID] - Used to heal patients.
  • /r [text] - Radio for communication between medics.
  • /e [text] - Radio for communicating with members of other emergency services.
  • /firstaidkit - Equips you with a firstaidkit at any hospital.
  • /usefirstaidkit [ID] - Heals the target player using the first aid kit.
  • /carsign [carsign] - Adds a carsign to EMS vehicle.
  • /callsign [callsign] - Adds a callsign to EMS Radio.
  • Chat binds: /s1, /s2, /s3, /m1, /m2, /m3, /m(egaphone) [text]


In order to become a driver, you have to go a train station and go to the blue marker. You must then enter a taxi or a cabbie, if you want to use the taxi counter. Every driver can set his own fee. Citizens can also buy limo or taxi to start their own private business with their own cars. For these cars works both scripts of car ownership and driver skin. So you can deliver your limo or taxis but be sure you can start the job only if you're on driver duty.


  • /r [text] - Radio for communication between drivers.
  • /setfare [1-250] - Sets the fee that you will charge your passenger(s).


To become a Mechanic, you have to go to a mechanic duty and walk to the blue shirt icon and press "Yes". You can offer to repair a player's vehicle using /repair [ID]. The customer then has to use /acceptrepair to accept the offer, if he chooses to. You can also tune vehicles and buy Nitrous Oxide.


  • /setmechanicfee [50-250] - Sets the fee for one repair.
  • /repair [ID] - Used to offer another player a repair. One repair for the same person every five(5) minutes.
  • /buy [amount] NOS - Purchase of Nitrous Oxide at Downtown San Fierro, Michelle's.
  • /offerNOS [ID] [100-1000] - Used to offer the NOS to a specific player.
  • /allowtune [ID] - Used to allow a mechanic to work on your car.
  • /tune - Used to tune vehicle car parts (must be inside the vehicle).
  • Note: You can also use this method to tune a car of your own.

Trucking Job

To become a trucker, you have to enter a truck/van and go to one of the logistics centers. When driving at the marker, a menu will pop up. From there you can pick up an order by double-clicking on it. Every 15 minutes, each logistics centre will receive a new set of orders (usually between 3-7, depending on the logistic centers' size). Each order has a certain weight, so sometimes your truck might even be able to carry 4 orders, or you could just get a van and only deliver small orders. The reward for completing a trucking order is based on distance and the merchandise being carried, e.g. carrying the most valuable item (Diamonds) is more than 3 times more valuable than potatoes. The lowest value item is Justin Bieber CDs and is worth a fraction of normal cargo. If you have your own truck, you get a 25% reward for every cargo you deliver.


/r [text] - Used to talk in trucker radio. /cargo - Checks the current loaded cargo you have. Also displays the cargo's ID. /AbandonCargo [Cargo ID] - Abandon cargo. Use /cargo to see the cargo's ID.