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Tierra Robada, which means Stolen Land in Spanish, is a semi-arid region of San Andreas. It is located in the very northwestern portion of the map, and is home to the city of Bayside and the marina, as well as the small towns of El Quebrados and Las Barrancas. Tierra Robada's southern tip also provides the land area for the Robada Intersection, which is the major interchange connecting the highways servicing Tierra Robada, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Bone County.

The area has several towns, including: Aldea Malvada, Bayside, El Quabrados, and Las Barrancas

Aldea Malvada

Aldea Malvada.jpg

Aldea Malvada is a small, isolated Ghost Town at the northeastern edge of Tierra Robada, San Andreas. It is situated on top of a large rock formation just east of El Quebrados, and west of Arco del Oeste and Sherman Reservoir. It appears to be the remains of a village whose origins are likely older and from a different culture than those of Bone County's ghost town, Las Brujas, likely ruins from the Anasazi or Ancient Puebloan tribe. The name Aldea Malvada translates roughly from Spanish to Evil Village.



Bayside is an unincorporated community located at the very northwestern tip of Tierra Robada in San Andreas. It sits at the northern end of Gant Bridge, and is only minutes away from San Fierro. The town is surrounded by a cordillera of unnamed mountains to the north and west, which separates it from the open sea. Bayside possesses a well-used marina, and enjoys the isolation from the bustle of San Fierro, while maintaining the sophistication and pretense of the area.

Bayside also sits at the western edge of Bayside Tunnel, which connects this portion of Tierra Robada with the remainder, and provides support to the highway servicing the general area. Bayside is notably different from other towns in Tierra Robada, as it is located in a more vegetated, forested and less arid region of the county.

El Quebrados

El Quebrados.jpg

El Quebrados is a small town located at the northeast end of Tierra Robada, San Andreas. El Quebrados means "The Broken" in Spanish, but incorrectly written. It is situated immediately northwest of Aldea Malvada. It sits on the northern road connecting Tierra Robada to neighboring Bone County to the east, and is the last stop before continuing across Sherman Reservoir. Though the town looks depressive, some facilities are still present, including the El Quebrados Medical Center and El Quebrados Police Station.

Las Barrancas

Las Barrancas.jpg

Las Barrancas (meaning The Cliffs in Spanish) is a small town located in southeastern Tierra Robada, San Andreas. It sits south of Sherman Dam, due west of The Big Ear, and northwest of Fort Carson. This isolated town contains the remains of a Native American pueblo carved into the side of a rocky outgrowth at the east end of town. There is also an old cemetery in the heart of the town, mostly demolished.

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