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San Andreas is a state of the United States of Argonath. San Andreas appears to be comprised entirely of islands as the state is surrounded by water. The state is divided into three cities, the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. The state is also divided into several counties, Red County, Flint County, Whetstone, Tierra Robada, and Bone County.

Los Santos

Main article: Los Santos
Los Santos

Los Santos is the largest city in San Andreas. It is filled with sight-seeing places, such as the Vinewood Sign, the Tallest Tower, the Argonath Bank Tower and the Santa Marina Pier among many others. It borders Red County to the north and Flint County to the west. Los Santos also includes several infamous boroughs such as Ganton, Idlewood and Willowfield.

San Fierro

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San Fierro

San Fierro is the smallest metropolitan area in San Andreas, but the most urbanized, and is situated on a peninsula on the western part of the state. North of the city, across the Gant Bridge, lies the small town of Bayside. North-east of the city lies the county of Tierra Robada. To the east is the Panopticon, and to the south-east is Flint County.

Las Venturas

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Las Venturas

Las Venturas is the second largest city in San Andreas, and is located in a desert region and enjoys legalised gambling, sporting casinos such as The Camel's Toe and Caligula's Palace. The city is also notable for its highway system. The Julius Thruway highway circles the entire city.

Bone County / Tierra Robada

Main articles: Bone County, Tierra Robada
Bone County

Bone County is one of the most important areas, other than the major cities themselves, containing many areas. The county's two most prominent features include a secret military base named "Area 69" located at its center, as well as the Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard, directly north of Area 69. Bone County boasts an oil field (Octane Springs), a quarry, and several unique natural features such as mesas.

Tierra Robada

Tierra Robada, which means Stolen Land in Spanish, is a semi-arid region of San Andreas. It is located in the very northwestern portion of the map, and is home to the city of Bayside and the marina, as well as the small towns of El Quebrados and Las Barrancas. Tierra Robada's southern tip also provides the land area for the Robada Intersection, which is the major interchange connecting the highways servicing Tierra Robada, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Bone County.

Red County

Main article: Red County
Red County

Red County' is a rural county located among forests consisting of primarily tall redwood trees and streams. The county is the quintessential countryside and is populated with stereotypical rednecks. The county has four towns: Palomino Creek, Montgomery, Blueberry and Dillimore. In contrast to the dangerous streets of Los Santos, Red County bears a surprising number of country folk. In addition to a horse betting parlor in Montgomery, there are also tractors, lawnmowers, and country-style trucks.

Flint County / Whetstone

Main articles: Flint County, Whetstone
Flint County

Flint County is a heavily forested region and an undeveloped rural part of San Andreas. There are no towns and only a couple of farms. Flint County comprises the southwestern portion of the map, and is connected to the remaining land masses by numerous bridges. To the east of Flint County is Los Santos and Red County, while to the north is San Fierro.


Whetstone is an island region of San Andreas separated from the remaining landmass by a narrow channel. It is home to the small town of Angel Pine and the massive Mount Chiliad, the tallest feature in the entire state of San Andreas.

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