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Esplanade East

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Esplanade North, San Fierro

Esplanade North is a district in San Fierro, San Andreas. It is situated on the northern end of the city. There is a pedestrian-heavy pier, known as Pier 69, one of the numerous references to the "69" sexual position. West of the district is Battery Point, while to the far east is the Tierra Robada region. North of the district is San Fierro Bay, while to the south/southeast are the districts of Esplanade East, Calton Heights and Downtown.

People frequenting Esplanade North are very diverse, with many of them appearing to be tourists. The general atmosphere is one of capitalistic fervor and a sort of disdain for the area by the city's locals. The occasional food retailers can be spotted in this area, as well as a mothballed submarine.

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