Pershing Square

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Ocean Docks

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Pershing Square, Los Santos

Pershing Square is a small area in central Los Santos, San Andreas. There is a park in the middle with sculptures and a fountain. It is known that the Pershing Square is one of highly populated areas of Argonath. The headquarters of the Los Santos Police Department are located on the eastern side of the square. The Argonath City Hall is also located on the southern side of the square.

Los Santos Police Department Headquarters
Los Santos Police Department - LSPD headquarters is the main law enforcement structure of the Los Santos Police Department, and sits on the east end of Pershing Square, caddy-corner to Argonath City Hall. This is where a person can go on police duty, or will be taken to after being arrested anywhere within Los Santos city limits.
Argonath City Hall
Argonath City Hall is the main civil service building for the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. The City Hall's Citizenship and Migration Board is responsible for giving out passports to immigrants. It is situated at the south end of Pershing Square, just east of the Conference Center, and north of Verdant Bluffs and Los Santos International Airport. The structure of Argonath City Hall is also a great reminder of the design influence for Los Santos. Moreover, there is an Automatic Teller Machine to the left side of the City Hall.
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Playa del Seville
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