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Unity Station, Los Santos

Unity Station is a small rail station in El Corona in Southern Los Santos, San Andreas. There is a parking lot there and, when the scripts allowed it, trains flowed through here constantly heading to Las Venturas or San Fierro.

Located on the northwestern corner of El Corona in southern Los Santos, Unity Station is one of two railway stations in Los Santos that is served by the Brown Streak Railroad, the other being Market Station. It is based along the main line that runs from east to west and located just outside the west end of Market Tunnel. It also has a large parking lot.

The station itself is grand in appearance, with a large terminal building on the north side of the tracks and a well designed layout. The station has two platforms on a branching off the mainline, one of which leading to a depot, and the other two running from east to west on the main line. Both platforms are linked via an underground tunnel on the western end of the station grounds, and the station building's western side features a sheltered and hedged plaza. Only the southern platform is sheltered.

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