The Holy Church of Argonath

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The Holy Church of Argonath, also known as the Il Argoticano, is oldest continuing Sauronist Church within the United States of Argonath. Founded by the first pope Elrond I, it is now headed by Pope Janek I, the latest in a continuing lineage of Popes.


Papal Archbasilica of Saint Sauron (San Fierro Cathedral) in December 2013

The Church offers services such as confessions, masses, exorcisms, funerals, collections for "charity", and the other usual services offered by a Church. The Papal Archbasilica (seat of the Pope) is in St. Sauron's Cathedral, San Fierro.


Interior of the San Fierro Archbasilica

The rules of the Church of Argonath follow the rules (and sometimes the laws) of the United States of Argonath. In addition, clergy and religious must help others and carry out their ministry when required, always with care, ensuring the protection and safety of anyone in need of help, whatever their background.


The Pope

His Holiness Pope Janek I


His Eminence Cardinal Mario Rinna, Secretary of State

His Eminence Cardinal Jcstodds, Office of the Clergy


His Holiness Pope Janek I, Archbishop of San Fierro

His Eminence Cardinal Archbishop Emeritus Jcstodds, Bishop of Los Santos

His Eminence Cardinal Secretary of State Mario Rinna, San Fierro

The Right Reverend Alfredo Sforza, Bishop of Las Venturas

Bishops Emeriti

Most Reverend Archbishop Emeritus Johann Mercer, Los Santos


The list of Priests can be found here.


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